Like many MCS sufferers I was at the peak of my career literally running between speaking engagements, radio and tv shows while doing my very best to take care of my clients.  I had noticed a growing fatigue and intermittent flu like symptoms but thought it was just my busy schedule and all the traveling. It took another seven years I to discover the real culprit – mercury at 64 times the safe limit. Twenty years later which brought 26 surgeries and 14 near death experiences led me to find and present here a simple solution any one can use.

In the fall of 2014 I found a new therapy system created by Tim Phizackerley, called PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique). It uses elements of percussion and suggestion but is not either hypnosis or EFT, it’s quite unique and pinpoint precise delivered in an easy to follow along audio format. The basic therapy system is free on a friend to friend basis and I will put the link below so you can download the zip, listen to the instructions and see for yourself how fast and effective this is.

With the free system you’ll receive 2 clicks tracks. Each track is 11 minutes long. By holding a memory or imagined event and following the instructions you can completely eliminate or greatly reduce any negative emotion attached to a memory. When I first tried this I was amazed at how easily I could shift my emotional state. It really worked!!

I started experimenting to see if this would work on my neurological reactions. I discovered that I could reduce a chemical reaction from an 8 or 9 out of 10 down to a 2 or 3 with one round and bring it down even further with one more repetition of the track. Instead of having to go to bed for a few days I was back on my feet in minutes. (Many use headphones. I did not because of extreme electrical sensitivity. It works equally well both ways. Cd’s are also available for those who can’t use a computer.)

By March of 2015 I was so impressed with PSTEC that I signed up to be an affiliate (something I never do) and also became certified at the advanced practitioner’s level. I took both the beginner’s level and advanced exams. I scored 100% on the advanced exam something only 2 other people had done. This told me my brain was back! Here it was in black and white - evidence of my growing wellness. (My loss of memory had been so extreme at one time I couldn’t remember who I was calling by the time I finished entering the last digit of the phone number.)

While I was very happy with the results I was getting reducing reactions it was when I started studying the advanced techniques that I had my breakthrough experience. I bought an advanced technique called “Cascade Release” that cost only $37. I could never put a price on this because it led me to freedom.

The instructions tutorial file in the cascade release zip download reveals much about how the subconscious mind creates our model of our reality. This technique is different from the rest of the techniques and on the order page it says “for therapists only”. When I talked with Tim about clients ordering this he said it was fine – the “therapists” signification was put on the page to alert buyers that this technique is a stand alone and works a little differently.

Following the instructions precisely, using the 2 click tracks I was able to direct my subconscious mind to first “move all subconscious memories of neurologically reacting to chemicals” to an unspecified date 50 to 75 years in the future and then from there (using the 2nd CR click track) into the trashcan of the mind. I had learned from listening to the instructions that all subconscious memories stored have a “date stamp” that holds them in place. Without a date or sense of before and after they can no longer exist. Knowing that memories are triggers for MCS the light went on! After doing the two 10 minute tracks, once the subconscious memories left so did my MCS – in an instant.

The hardest part for me was believing what happened. Two days later and 2 very bad exposures – gasoline all over my hand and car wash soap all over my legs no reaction whatsoever. A week later no reaction at all from going to the herbicide sprayed resort. A week later no reaction to the chemical smoke that turned our skies yellow for a whole week. Two weeks later no reaction to 8 wasp bites (didn’t see the nest while cleaning the back deck). I had been reacting to wasp bites with anaphylactic shock, so lucky for me I had found this technique. A month later when I was bitten again I worried that I took so much toxin the first time but again, no reaction.

I didn’t tell anyone about my great success for a little while. Quite honestly I wanted to “run away” from my past and pretend it all never happened. After all, I was “normal” now. I feared that somehow it could be taken away from me or not be true. Not so.

I wrote a letter to Tim that was quite tentative. His email reply really helped me so I’m writing it here. “Hi Dawn, I suspect the problem is gone. Certainly I've seen and heard similar things many many times across a wide range of issues and with a variety of the PSTEC tools.  Even before I created PSTEC I had a whole raft of my own allergies disappear in an instant. A moment of profound realisation did the job for me which i hadn’t planned of course, so I do know from personal experience it's possible and can even be predictable. What I found is that other people simply don't believe it though. It's sort of funny. . Enjoy.... All the best, Tim”

Being highly sensitive, I have had prophetic dreams and visions throughout my life. Many years ago I had a vision that I descended into hell. With tremendous effort, I made it out and then threw down a rope so others could follow. I know now that PSTEC is the rope. I know now that there’s nothing to be afraid of and that many people reading this article will free themselves. That feels good!!!!

Please accept my invitation to download the free therapy system and see for yourself how amazing this is. I used the free system first to lighten my load emotionally, taking care of sadness and resentment from the past. I believe this preparation was extremely helpful. Then in the process of becoming certified as a therapist with PSTEC, I found the cascade release technique. I used it once and MCS was gone. Twenty years of pain gone in twenty minutes. Gone.

This worked for me and I know it will work for you providing you follow the instructions.   If you have questions please contact me by phone or email. My email is and you’ll find my phone number on my website at under the contact section.

The link for the free PSTEC system is:

The link for the Cascade Release program is here:
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